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Big Winnings in Mini Baccarat

An exciting new spin-off from the original game, mini baccarat is a game that doesn't need to be played in some far-away corner separate from the main casino area. Despite the prefix, mini baccarat is not "mini" at all in terms of accessibility and availability in the playing field. Unlike its parent, mini baccarat can be played without betting high amounts, which makes it an ideal pastime for the casual, spur-of-the-moment gambler looking for good company and a good win, sans the troublesome rules.

Up to seven players can join in mini baccarat, with a lone dealer in charge of everything, which is different from Baccarat or Punto Banco, where 12 to 13 players can gamble at the same time. As a result of the lesser number of players, the arrangement of players around the mini baccarat table, which is similar to a Blackjack table in size, is different. Another deviation of mini baccarat from the main game is the absence of rotations among dealers. One of the two games' similarities, however, is that the mechanics for betting are the same.

Two circles face each player at the mini baccarat table. The top circle serves as the "Banker", while the other one is the "Player". On top of the "Banker" circle, a two-inch wide line arcs the table, which indicates the "Tie" marker. This line also divides the table in such a way that there is an equal area for each player.

Similar to the main game, mini baccarat is also played using an eight-deck. After shuffling the cards and letting a player cut them, the dealer draws one card and places in face-up on the table and, depending on that card's value, burns other cards. Players then place their bets and wait for the next cards. All cards dealt on the right side of the dealer are the "Player" hand, while the "Banker" hand consists of cards on the left. Other than these deviations, mini baccarat is played similar to its parent game Baccarat.

When it comes to betting, though, mini baccarat doesn't impose high standards, and players can bet from $5 to as high as $500 for every hand. Due to the reduced number of players, beginners are able to ask the dealer of the rules that are unclear to them, which contributes to the development of a friendlier gaming atmosphere. Mini baccarat then, is a very good way of introducing new players to the richer environment that is Baccarat.

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